Bonus, Cecilia L. BSEd Major in Biology and Chemistry 33 units in MAE in Chemistry Biology & Chemistry II-Wisdom Adviser
Carvajal, Maris Grace BSEd Major in Mathematics Mathematics I, Mathematics II-Piety, Class Adviser II-Piety
Ermitaño, Annalyn A. Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in TLE TLE II-IV, IV-Integrity Adviser
Lapid, Ma. Sheilla B. BS Respiratory Therapy BEEd - Major in ECE 18 units in Early Childhood Education Environmental Science I Science Lab In-Charge Scouting
Manalang, Alvin S. BSEd Major in English English II-Wisdom/Research English III & IV, IV-Dignity Adviser
Manankil, Ria D. Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Music, Arts, PE & Health Music 5-6, Music I-IV, Health I-IV, Youth Ministry Moderator, Senior BSP Moderator
Mercado, Riza Marie D. BSEd Major in History with 9 units MA-History Araling Panlipunan I-III, SAMAKA Club Moderator, III-Honor Adviser
Sangalang, Nelda P. AB Major in English, BSE Major in English, 15 units in MA in Educational Management Filipino I, English I & II, Writer’s Club Moderator BSP Moderator
Sangil, Shyrene S. BSEd Major in Computer Education Computer I-IV, Filipino IV, BSP Moderator
Sunga, Cherry D. BSEd Major in MAPEH PE I-IV, Filipino III, Sports Club Moderator, In-Charge in Basketball Varsity and Senior BSP Moderator
Zara, Maricris T. BSEd Major in Mathematics Mathematics II-IV, III-Purity Adviser
Ibay, Leila M. BSEd-Major in Filipino, 3 units in Early Childhood Education, 9 units in MA in Educational Management AP IV, HS Coordinator
Gopez, Julieta P. Master of Library & Information Science (27 units) BSE-Major in Library Science High School Librarian
Tuazon, Josephine L. AB Psychology with 18 MA Units in MAEd in Guidance and Counseling Guidance Counselor