About Us

San Lorenzo Ruiz Center of Studies and Schools was founded on September 28 1990 by a group of educators who share a common vision for quality education. A non-stock, non-profit corporation and initially called the San Lorenzo Ruiz Child Study Center, it started its operation in school year 1991-1992 at the St. Augustine Village in San Agustin, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

Its holistic approach to the formation of an Empowered Christian Filipino through an education that is God-Centered, Person-Oriented and Family-Directed resulted to an unprecedented growth in enrolment that necessitated the transfer of its grade school in SY 1994-1995 to a bigger site at the Villa de San Lorenzo, St. Dominic Corinthian Annex, Dolores, City of San Fernando, followed by the preschool in 1995-1996.

In SY 1996-1997, a branch was established at the L&S Subdivision, Angeles City which was transferred to its permanent site at the Holy Angel Village, Phase 2 in Telabastagan, CSFP. In SY 1997-1998 the High School Department was opened at the main campus and had its first graduates in March 2000.

San Lorenzo has also been offering the Program for Effective Teaching in the Preschool (PET) since Summer 1993. This is a Summer Institute for preschool administrators, teachers and Early Childhood Education workers designed to equip and upgrade them with the basic knowledge, skills, and competencies in handling preschool education.

The continuous support and patronage of preschool educators in the region the City Schools Division of San Fernando and other division in the region inspired the founders to open the San Lorenzo College of Education in SY 1999-2000. The course offerings were Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEEd) and Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd). Both courses offered common areas of concentration: English, Mathematics, and Science; with Early Childhood Education as an additional major for BEEd. Both courses were given Government Recognitions in SY 2002-2003. To date, the school continues to provide training for ECE workers during the summer term.

On its tenth year in SY 2000-2001 SLR underwent an Organizational Diagnosis/Analysis in preparation for its bid for accreditation by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).

Orientation on the PAASCU accreditation process started in schoolyear 2003-2004 and in schoolyear 2004-2005 the school underwent the Self-Survey Evaluation Process and submitted the report to PAASCU for the Preliminary Survey by a PAASCU Team which took place in August 2005. By January 2006 of the same schoolyear, San Lorenzo was granted the Level 1 Accredited Status by PAASCU and confirmed by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP).

Accreditation is a continuous process of evaluation and improvement. In schoolyear 2007-2008, the school went through the Formal Survey Evaluation for the next level in the accreditation ladder. On January 2009, SLR’s Accredited Status was affirmed by the PAASCU Formal Survey Team, which the school sustains through continuous evaluation and improvement of its curricular and co- curricular programs and services.

The economic crisis affecting private schools led us to seek government’s assistance from the Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) through the Education Voucher System (EVS) program. Initially, four first year students from the public schools were admitted in Schoolyear 2008-2009.

As a result of FAPE’s certification in 2009, SLR was granted the privilege to accept high school students under the Education Service Contracting (ESC) Program from SY 2009-2010.

In schoolyear 2010-2011, the school celebrated its 20th Founding Anniversary. One of the activities in observance of the occasion was the revisitation of the school’s Vision, Mission, Objectives and Core Values. Said revisitation resulted to the restatement of its VMO and Core Values which were used to craft the Roadmap of San Lorenzo Ruiz Center of Studies and Schools, Inc.

» SLR's Vision, Mission, Core Values, Roadmap

The color red and the cross symbolize the martyrdom of San Lorenzo Ruiz, the patron saint of the school. It also represents the zeal for service that every SLRian should demonstrate through action.

The man holding the writing instrument behind the scroll represents the educator who renders the formation and education services at SLR.

The children holding the scroll are the youth who undergo the formation and education at San Lorenzo Ruiz Center of Studies and Schools.

“Towards a Christian Filipino” on the scroll held by the youth is the mission of the school.

The School Hymn

Mahal ko ang San Lorenzo
Puso ko’y narito
Mahal ko ang San Lorenzo
Puso ko’y narito

Pagka-Pilipino aking tutuparin
Sa aking kapwa tao ang Diyos ay dadalhin

Mahal ko ang San Lorenzo
Puso ko’y narito
Mahal ko ang San Lorenzo
Puso ko’y narito

Lyrics by: Dr. Elizabeth Y. Manugue
Music by: Mr. Meynardo G. Lansangan